Ameritus prides itself on its proven ability to create value, and more importantly, its creative intelligence to find value. Ameritus’s investment interests span the Value Add and Core Plus sectors of commercial real estate.  Ameritus pursues investment opportunities generally ranging from $15M to $50M for the acquisition of single assets and loans (larger for portfolios) where it can create risk-adjusted returns through re-tenanting, physical and operational enhancements, market repositioning, or financial restructuring.  Ameritus has the experience to structure its investments as a fee acquisition, mezzanine loan, or debt purchase.  We are firm believers that real estate is a local business and as such focus on a select set of Midwest markets in which to invest.

Ameritus also believes that strong relationships are the key to a successful strategy in real estate investment.   The principals of the firm have developed a significant network of deep relationships with local brokers, owners, tenants, contractors, and lenders over their many years of experience.  These relationships allow the firm to successfully engage and pursue both on and off-market transactions.  The Firm’s strong relationship with capital partners is also a hallmark of its strategy.  By partnering with institutional investors, family offices, and private equity firms, Ameritus operates with the confidence that all its investments are well capitalized, and as such, can perform throughout all market cycles.


Value Add

Ameritus focuses on making office, industrial, and retail investments in the Chicago CBD, surrounding suburbs, and Southeast Wisconsin.  For its Value-Add Strategy, Ameritus seeks well located, but underperforming assets due to mismanagement, under investment, or a broken capital structure.  By employing its substantial leasing and operational expertise, Ameritus is able to renovate and reposition assets in order to create significant value for its investors.  The firm is capable of making investments up to $100M on institutional quality assets through a variety of debt, mezzanine, and equity structures.


Core Plus

Ameritus seeks to acquire institutional quality commercial properties that are well-located and provide a reliable, current income stream while generating moderate capital growth over a 7 to 10 year hold period.  The strategy focuses on Class A and B+ office, industrial, and retail assets in the Chicago CBD and infill suburbs with the limited opportunity for new construction. Ameritus will utilize low to moderate leverage to enhance a stable return profile.



Ameritus has been on the leading edge of pursuing a sustainability strategy for its real estate portfolio.  The firm’s historic investment activities have been focused on redevelopment and adaptive reuse projects in the Chicago CBD and the River North submarkets where it developed its passion for preserving the grand architecture of the past while making modern improvements which benefit both tenants and the environment.

In all of its projects, Ameritus seeks to implement programs and operations that have a positive impact on the environment. In addition to building-wide recycling programs and the addition of a green roof on its 211 West Wacker project, Ameritus has added bike rooms, installed low flow automatic valves to conserve water, and reduced electrical usage through the addition of motion sensor switches and energy efficient bulbs in its buildings.  With these practices, it is Ameritus’s goal to have 100% of the buildings in its portfolio meet the strict performance levels set by the Environmental Protection Agency and become Energy Star Qualified buildings.

Ameritus supports the real estate industry’s movement toward sustainability and believes strongly in obtaining LEED Certification for buildings in its portfolio.  With a strong interest in adaptive reuse, the firm operates with the vision that the achievement of LEED Certification should not be limited as a goal for new construction. Through Ameritus’s creative and thoughtful renovation of 211 West Wacker, it was able to obtain Silver LEED status, which at the time was the oldest building in the State of Illinois to achieve the designation.

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